16 Inch 22nd Happy Birthday Alphabets & 32 Inch 22 Number Gold Foil Balloon
16 Inch 23rd Happy Birthday Alphabets & 32 Inch 23 Number Gold Foil Balloon
16 Inch 24th Happy Birthday Alphabets & 32 Inch 24 Number Gold Foil Balloon

Gold Bride To Be With Ring Balloon Foil Balloon Letters Alphabets Set

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Color: Gold

Color: Gold

Package includes- Bride To Be (9 Letters)

  • Bride To Be Colour: GOLD
  • The Bride To Be letter Alphabets foil baloons can be filled with helium or air but it cannot float. ANY 16" Inch alphabet ballons cannot float with helium. You can combine this with any other items like crown or tiara for girls, alphabet / letters foil baloon, number foil balloon, metallic or latex balloons, confetti ballun, inflating baloon pump hand or electric, any colour like rose gold, black, silver, golden, red, pink, blue fringe foil curtain
  • Are you ready to throw the best bachelorette party, engagement party, bridal shower, party before marriage or wedding party? Exite a sweet bride and completely exite her with beautiful decoration! Assure her last night being a single is that she never forgets forever!
  • The Bridal shower foil balloon is very easy to decorate. Pump or Blow them up with air with the included straw for an easy party decoration.